Navya Nataka Samiti Trust

The NNS Trust is administered by a Board of Trustees comprising of

1. Five Life Trustees (Sarvasri Vemaraju Narashimha Rao, V.Vijaya Kumar, Dr. V. Subhadra Devi, N. Srirama Murhty and M.V.Subba Rao)

2. The President and General Secretary of the Samiti, if they are not alreadyTrustees;

3. The General Secretary of the YMCA, Hyderabad (ex-officio)

4. Three members who may be elected by the General Body of the Samiti for a term of one year at a time.

The Trust maintains all donations as a Corpus Fund, the interest received from which only will be utilised for objects of the Trust. Donations given to the Corpus Fund of the Trust are eligible for exemption from Income Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. (DIT(E)/80(G)/55(05)04-05 dt. 30.8.2004)

At present the trustees are :

Sri M. Vasudev Rao - Chairman, Navya Nataka Samiti Trust

Sri Vemaraju Vijaya Kumar - President, Navya Nataka Samiti

UVL Ananda - Chairman, All India Music & Dance Competitions

Sri N. Srirama Murthy, Smt. Dr. V. Subhadra Devi, Dr. C. V. Raghava Prasad, Sri K. Madhava Reddy,

Sri K. Subrahmanyam


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