Navya Nataka Samiti Trust

This trust was formed in 1991. (Registered No. 621/1991)

The aims and objects of the NNS Trust :

To preserve, promote and foster the traditional art forms of Music and Dance prevailing in various parts of the country and to encourage amateur talent in these arts, particularly among the youth of the country.

Be a part of the above object to conduct and assist in the conduct, annually, of the All India Competitions in Music and Dance, which were originally started in 1961 under the sponsorship of the YMCA, Hyderabad and which for the past four decades have been dedicatedly conducted by the Samiti.

To promote and assist in the fostering of Dramas, One-act plays, Dance dramas and other cultural performance of artistes excellence,contributing to the social and emotional integration of the people of India.

To organise seminars,symposia, institute scholarships and chairs, honour artistes, writers and scholars in the field of music, dance and drama and to maintain a library, publish books, booklets and brochures in order to promote the above arts and to do all such other things necessary and conducive to the attainment of the above arts.

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